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Songkick Has Some Nice Features . . . .But

As an R.E.M.-Centric shareholder in REMChronicle, the idea of Songkick is fascinating as it's use of data-driven methods attempt to find for you concerts that you would enjoy. If you are like me and wrap a couple of headphones around your ears and allow to do its thing, you will be provided with a slew of concert events as well as create an official site for every possible concert event in the history of music.
As if that is it's primary goal, Songkick has a long way to go, whether they will try to be the "Wiki" of concert data; if fans decide to flock in droves in order to do just that. My couple of moments were reviewing the concert data for R.E.M. It would seem that of course the busy workers at Songkick visited the Chronicle as well as remtimeline to acquire the full-fledged concert history of R.E.M., missing of course the most vital component, the songs! I could imagine that such an endeavor would take a long time, considering how much time I spent data-entering this information-most likely sitting in my boxers listening to music as I dutifully spent that time making sure that every setlist was entered.
I have to look at this from two different perspectives. As a music fan I find it fascinating. If the site gathers enough fans that find it's pages attractive then I would surely deem it as a source.
What I am concerned about in terms of R.E.M. History is that these setlists, etc. are free to be added, edited and deleted by any individual. If it gets to the point that there is a level of completeness to this site it would be logical to add a "Governance" so that valued data is not lost or changed without consideration or else it becomes unreliable.
What makes a site like Wikipedia so attractive is that numbers of people that involve themselves with the site. Many 'Wikis' fail for this very reason. So the jury is still out on this. We will see if it gains a level of popularity.