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R.E.M. - Walk It Back

Another love letter to my pen pal from NYC. This review is quite short as I just have to say that bad is bad.
Dear Matt,
‘Walk It Back’ is a pretty awful song. In fact, the discussion that I would rather have is whether it’s one of the worst songs in the R.E.M. canon.
“Whaaaaaaat, What would you have had me say, instead of what said?”
Of course the song should be loved by men that stick their foot in their mouth. A constant complaint, I would imagine that women have with their significant others is the fact they stick their foot in their mouth and well have to “Walk It Back” or backtrack on their comments. But a piano ballad is not going to inspire me when I am listening to this while walking down Clark Street to buy some Fresh Guacamole at the Fruit and Vegetable Market. It will not inspire me when riding the 147 home at night either.
The uber-corny piano ballad feels like it should be featured on one of those Teen Drama’s inspired by a LiveJournal where the writer will confess everyday about their sad lives such as the lint that builds up in their dryer as some metaphor for the waste building up in their lives.  It solidifies itself as the B-Side to ‘Make It All Okay’, an equally deflating work.
I guess I question where someone actually thought that this was worthy of being released as I find it almost reprehensible to listen to more than once.
It’s really hard to delve any more into my true distaste for this song other than to give it the famous Pitchfork rating of 0.0.