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 By the time 1982 rolls around, most of the very early songs had been replaced in the setlists with songs that would eventually end up on the Chronic Town EP and the album Murmur.  In January, already all the tracks on Chronic Town and about half the tracks from Murmur had already been performed live.

The few artifacts that we have available to us, see a growth in the transformation of songs. As we see the band grow, we see a complete transformation from the group only two years ago, focusing almost exclusively on a garage band/punk sound to focusing on a much tighter post-punk/psychedelic sound.
The year as a whole is often overlooked by fans in terms of show quality, but it serves as a backdrop of the sound the band would focus on for the next couple years.
By June, they are signed with IRS Records and August sees them releasing their first EP, Chronic Town.
While many times, fans clamor for the demos of these early years, there are plenty of nuggets in their live sound which focus on the band, testing out songs live. 
July 2, 1982 - Strand Cabaret, Marietta, GA