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The Archive Is Now Active!!!
For some time the idea of an R.E.M. archive of shows was on my "To-Do" list. The very idea of being able to access those most necessary shows for all fans was paramount in my process of finding an easy way to promote shows. Unfortunately, running a site like this and posting something to Pando, Dime or any other site was the fact that being a fan is cyclical. 
New fans come, old fans are reunited and still others might just miss that small window of opportunity to pick up a show of their choosing. 
What I am going to attempt to do is put together some of the best shows of R.E.M.'s storied 30 year career, available at your fingertips for your viewing pleasure. The basis of what is quantified as "Best" should be interpreted with the following characteristics in mind.
1)  Quality - Soundboard and high quality boots will be preferred. The site will do its best in trying to get the lowest possible generation copy for your listening pleasure
2)  Content - Recordings with very unique content such as demos, or recordings that might provide the listener with a rare glimpse into their concert experience. This could be content that at the time was brand new, cover songs, extracurricular activities or a little bit of each. 
Of course, opinions are always subjective and thus at times, I will be outnumbered, but the point will be that the site hopes to provide a fair number of shows for download at any time.
In almost every scenario, recordings will be stored in FLAC. Unlike MP3s, FLAC offers a lossless format to distribute music. Essentially, this is an R.E.M. site devoted to the music of the band and this site wishes to upload that promise when sharing shows. Now if you are not sure about the entire FLAC thing, I would suggest downloading the Podcasts that will also be posted around these years to get a glimpse of these years in action. 
These shows will slowly be added. As any old tape trader can attest, sometimes it's the idea of picking up a great bootleg and listening to it for about a month or so. There are plenty of R.E.M. bootlegs in my constant rotation and I hope to add some of my favorites here.