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Over the years I have attempted podcasts. I always want to do more and should do more. I have gone with some of them just rambling on about R.E.M. and other times just letting the tunes speak for themselves. Time is my biggest constraint. However, these would seem to be some of the more relevant and enjoyable ones over this time. At some point I want to get into more detail about what tracks were included but for time and energy I thought I would just post them here and maybe you will find a chestnut.
1st Ever Podcast - This was my first attempt at a podcast with a potpourri of songs and talk.
Early Songs - A podcast that I did relating to some of the oldest tunes.
Murmuring - Done after the Murmur Deluxe Edition release including the missing 4 tracks that were not included on the Larry's Hideaway Show that was part of that release.
Fables Podcast - Looking at some of the finer moments of the Reconstruction Tour.
R.E.M. and Politics - Before the Presidential Election I put this together of some of R.E.M.'s more political and socially conscious recordings over the years.